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Motor Vehicle Accidents

The Covich Law Firm, PLLC, with offices in Corpus Christi, is a personal injury firm that represents clients in motor vehicle accident cases. Attorney Daniel G. Covich is the founder and principal attorney in the firm. He is an experienced personal injury attorney who has helped many clients receive compensation for injuries incurred as the result of negligence by an auto manufacturer. He is an aggressive advocate for his clients who will work hard to maximize your claim and protect your rights.


Texas Personal Injury Attorney Daniel G. Covich

Attorney Daniel G. Covich is an experienced personal injury attorney who has helped countless clients receive compensation for their injuries. He focuses a large part of his practice on representing clients injured in auto accidents in which the automaker or manufacturer was negligent. He has helped many clients obtain compensation for medical bills, prescription medication, lost wages, and more. He will work with you to provide a candid evaluation of your case and will explain your available options. Together, we will develop the best strategy possible to maximize your compensation claim.


Practice Area: Motor Vehicle Accidents

In some auto accidents, a faulty part or component of a vehicle may cause or worsen an injury during an accident. In these cases, the automaker or manufacturer may be liable for damages. At the Covich Law Firm, we regularly represent clients in product liability claims related to auto accidents. Our experienced personal injury attorneys will work with you to document your case and will provide the high-quality legal counsel you need to obtain compensation for your injuries. After assessing your case, we will help you evaluate which course of action will be most effective. In many instances, a settlement can be reached without ever having to go to court. In other cases, however, litigation may be the best way to protect your rights. At the Covich Law Firm, our attorneys are both skilled negotiators and litigators who are prepared to protect your rights both inside and outside the courtroom.


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If you have been injured in an auto accident, the automaker or a part manufacturer may be liable for compensation. Our experienced attorney and staff will investigate your case and provide the legal advice you need to protect your rights. Contact our Corpus Christi office today to schedule a consultation with experienced personal injury attorney Daniel G. Covich.


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